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We have reached a pivotal point in Kentucky. Our essential services like schools, roads, health care and more have seen a decade of budget cuts. We must put the scissors away, generate new revenue and start re-investing in our communities by cleaning up expensive tax breaks for powerful interests. But that’s not the kind of policy our elected leaders are talking about passing in a special session of the General Assembly. Instead, Governor Bevin has expressed his intention to cut income taxes and rely more heavily on sales taxes — a tax shift that would leave us with less revenue for our investments, give tax cuts to those at the top, and lean more heavily on low- and middle-income families. You voice is important in the fight against harmful tax shifts, and in favor of the kind of real reform we need.

Community Conversation Toolkit

Take Action

  • Contact your representative and senator to share your concerns. Visit and call them in your district or in Frankfort (Capitol switchboard: 502-564-8100).
  • Talk with your friends, family and neighbors.
  • Talk with your local elected and appointed community leaders (e.g. school board, city council).
  • Submit Op-Eds and Letters to the Editor in your local paper.

In short, start a conversation in your community about needed investments in our commonwealth and why a tax shift would be bad for Kentucky.

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